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Quality, custom countertops are what we do best.

Nothing dates a space faster than old, low-quality countertops. Conversely, nothing adds value, beauty, and modernity to a space quite like the addition of countertops fabricated from a quality stone. Whether you are building a new space or renovating a current one, Rock Solid Custom Countertops, LLC is your top source for superior-quality countertops in Wake Forest, North Carolina and the surrounding area.

Countertops in Wake Forest, North Carolina

Here is what our countertop selection and installation process looks like:

  • Visit our showroom and browse the many materials we have available. At this point, you can make a selection.
  • Following the selection process, we will precisely measure and lay out your project, which allows us to give you an accurate quote.
  • We will schedule the day of the install and let you know what to expect.
  • Our professional installers will arrive at the project site and expertly install the new countertops for excellent results.
  • We will follow up with you to ensure your satisfaction and receive feedback about your new counters.

Choosing the Right Countertops for Your Space: A How-to Guide

When you are looking at redoing a kitchen, bathroom or any other space, one of the most important decisions that you will make is the countertop materials that you will choose. Here at Rock Solid Custom Countertops, LLC, we have a variety of countertops and materials for you to choose from and would love to help you make this crucial decision. If you are new to choosing countertops, here are a few factors you might want to consider.

  • Color- Countertops can be made in almost any color under the sun these days, especially when you consider man-made materials. If you are choosing a natural material, do your best to look at a large sample or slab before selecting since these colors can vary from sample to sample.
  • Materials- When choosing your countertop materials, you are able to choose between a mix of natural and man-made materials. Here at Rock Solid Custom Countertops, LLC, we have a variety of natural and composite quartz materials that are suitable for almost any space.
  • Lifestyle- Some materials are easier to care for than others while other are prone to showing more stains or smudges. Think about your lifestyle and how you will be using the space before making that decision. If you are going to be bothered by fingerprints on your glossy black countertop every day, then you might want to alter your decision.
  • Budget- When you consider your countertop budget, consider that you get what you pay for in terms of countertop quality. While there are some materials out there that are very inexpensive, these are also the materials that may dent, chip, scratch or scorch.

Here at Rock Solid Custom Countertops, LLC, we would love to help you make an educated decision when it comes to your countertops. To learn more about our variety of countertops, please give us a call today.

As a family-owned and operated business, customer satisfaction is what drives us and allows us to thrive within the home renovation industry. With over a decade of experience, we know exactly what goes into a quality installation, and we are eager to exceed your expectations. Visit our material showroom today to explore our countertop options and to start making plans for your upcoming installation. We can’t wait to get started!


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