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We offer sinks in multiple styles and sizes.

Every kitchen has one, but most people do not put much thought into this critical appliance – the sink. However, the sink you have contributes to how easy it is to do dishes and even impacts the layout and overall appearance of your countertops. If you are ready to upgrade your sink or install one in a new build, turn to us at Rock Solid Custom Countertops, LLC.

Sinks in Wake Forest, North Carolina

Although completely custom countertops are what we do best, we complement our extensive selection of countertop options with high-quality sinks in a myriad of shapes and design profiles. Choose from a sink with equal-sized basins, a sink with one smaller and one larger basin, a full basin with no partition, a square basin, a round basin, and several other options. With the installation of your new countertops, we will carefully measure and fit your new sink into the open space as part of the renovation or building process.

We are happy to provide advice on our sinks, as customer satisfaction is and always has been our reigning priority. Feel free to visit our showroom to get a better idea of what we offer for countertop materials, as well as the different options for sinks we offer to finish off the installation process.

Never underestimate the power the sink has on the enjoyment and functionality of your kitchen! If you are in Wake Forest, North Carolina or the surrounding area, contact us today, and let’s get started with your renovation or building project.
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FAQs About Sinks

When designing kitchens, architects design around the three points of the workflow triangle, namely the refrigerator (storage), the stove (cooking), and the sink (cleanup). While most consider cooking and eating more enjoyable than cleaning up, the third step of the process is just as important when it comes to keeping your kitchen functional in the long term.

Our team at Rock Solid Custom Countertops, LLC offers a variety of great kitchen sinks, and we want to help you select the best one for your needs. Keep reading to learn the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about sinks in order to make your decision.

What types of sinks are available?

In general, the two most popular choices for kitchen sinks are ceramic and stainless steel. Ceramic sinks are popular for their old-fashioned charm, and for their lower maintenance requirements and their quieter volume. Stainless steel sinks, on the other hand, offer more choices for size and configuration, and are lighter and easier to install.

What type of faucet should I choose?

Another choice that you will need to make when picking a kitchen sink is what faucet you’ll want to use. For kitchen sinks, many people choose faucets with a pullout spray hose or a pre-rinse configuration, as they make it easier to wash dishes. Other popular options are bridge-style faucets or touchless models, which offer their own forms of conveniences. A third option you may want to consider is a pot filler, especially if you cook a lot of pasta or soup.

At Rock Solid Custom Countertops, LLC, we install sinks for customers in the Triangle area of North Carolina, including Raleigh, Wake Forest, Youngsville, Durham, Franklinton, and Louisburg.


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